Meet Our COaches

All our coaches are here to help you reach your goals

“I wish I wasn’t this strong”

– Nobody Ever

Owen Evans

Head Instructor, Licensed Nutritionist, Owner

Owen Evans opened the Xceed Fitness over 8 years ago after realizing the need for a dedicated private training studio space in Orange County. A former lacrosse and rugby player, his competitive drive and dedication to his members drove the business to become the premiere fitness destination in the area. With a degree in Chemistry from St. Bonaventure in New York, his approach to body composition change is based heavily on scientific principles. Having furthered his nutrition education to include include functional medicine, he’s able to help a range of people looking for fat loss, fixing hormonal issues, hypothyroid, digestive and gut issues, and people suffering from weight loss resistance. When he isn’t researching the newest studies on dietary science, leading his semi-private clients through their programs, or building nutrition plans, he can be found playing with his two gym doggies Kali and Bear.

Brooke Chik

CFSC, SFG, Gym Mom

My purpose is to help others gain a love for health and wellness. Brooke Chik is the face Xceed members are likely to see leading one of our Saturday sweat sessions. A gymnast and field hockey player as a youngster, she is also our only performing aerial artist. When she first walked in the door to the studio in 2015, she didn’t realize she would be reawakening her inner athlete, nor that she’d be getting a future husband out of the deal. Now married to Owen, Brooke’s primary focus is her thriving real estate business while pursuing her passion for teaching fitness in evenings and weekends.

“Strength is the ability to break a chocolate bar into four pieces

with your bare hands and then eat just one of those pieces.”

– Anonymous