Success Stories

New Addiction to Kettlebells

I’d only heard about kettlebells but I’m the type that is always up for something new and challenging.  Owen is very knowledgeable about this form of exercise and is very helpful in your form and movements.  His class setting is perfect, a good mix of new people, regulars and what look like pros!!! Being new, I never hesitated in watching someone’s form or asking questions of the other students if I had any. His class is challenging, leaving you motivated and feeling great! Great job Owen!! Thank you for introducing me to a new addiction!!!

Stephanie Hall

Rancho Santa Margarita

Insane Results in Little Time

More than anything, Owen is a TEACHER of health and fitness. I’ve learned more from him in two months in this respect than I have in my entire life. The principles, techniques and new exercises I have learned have changed how I will view fitness for the rest of my life. Owen’s classes rock! I’ve never looked forward to a workout more than with Owen and his kettlebell training. And, of course, the results have been huge! I have been able to put on size while decreasing body fat consistently – I’m a KB fan for life! Thanks Owen!

James Wedmore

Laguna Beach, CA

I’ve Tried the Rest, Kettlebells are the Best

Kettlebells with Owen was my first introduction to this cast iron cannon ball thing with a handle I will forever use in my exercise routine. I’ve tried all form of workout…. running, Bikram yoga, Pilates, TRX, starvation (j/k) and have never seen quicker results than working out with the KB. Weight loss, getting toned, and feeling stronger where all part of my workout goals and Owen’s classes made it easy to achieve with sustainable results.  If you like to sweat and see results then I’d highly recommend you try this workout.

Sarah Jacks

Laguna Beach, CA

Stickler for Form

Owen is an excellent instructor and balances the flow of attending to individual needs of students while keeping a cohesive class feeling. He is a stickler for form (which I love) and is very knowledgeable in general about fitness. I have tried a wide variety of exercise classes in the area, and this is one of my favorites.

Casey Raasumaa

Laguna Hills, CA